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 Intra Management Information System Portal for Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB)

This Intranet based Monitoring System has been implemented to create database on all types of Industries (Profiles), the Consents Details and Hazardous Waste Authorisation Details of various types of Industries in Tamil Nadu. This web application is used as an efficient Monitoring System by TNPCB Corporate Office, Chennai for more than a year. Different types of MIS Reports are being generated using this IntraMIS both at State and District levels.  

Each TNPCB District Office updates AIR and WATER Pollution related data for all the Industries (taken from the “Application for Consent” submitted by these Industries under Central Act 14 of 1981) functioning in its Jurisdiction. Each industry is identified by a unique File Number assigned by the respective TNPCB District Office. Industry Profile Data, Consents related data and Hazardous Waste related data are being captured for each industry using this web application.