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Systems for Agricultural Marketing

1. Agricultural Marketing Information System Network (AGMARKNET)

The AGMARKNET project is sponsored by Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI), Ministry of Agriculture, and implemented by National Informatics Centre. It aims to link all Regulated Markets, State Agricultural marketing Boards / Directorates and DMI regional offices located throughout the country, for effective information exchange on market prices.


The AGMARKNET website ( ) is a G2C e-governance portal that caters to the needs of various stakeholders such as farmers, industry, policy makers and academic institutions by providing agricultural marketing related information from a single window. It facilitates dissemination, over web, of the daily arrivals and prices of commodities in the agricultural produce markets spread across the country.


2. Website for Domestic Export and Market Intelligence Cell

NIC has developed and hosted a website for Domestic & Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) ( for the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. The DEMIC website aims to disseminate market and price information to the farmers to facilitate better planning, production, storage and sale. The Market Intelligence Cell provides periodic bulletins on the following, which are uploaded on the website

a) forecast the supply and demand of important agricultural commodities in Tamil Nadu.
b) forecast future prices of major agricultural commodities
c) study the state and national market situation related to important commodities.

The Information in the website is provided in both Tamil and English.