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E - Governance at Madras High Court

Systems in use at Madras High Court

  • Posting of Case Status of Madras High Court on Internet
  • Display systems are installed at principal bench and Madurai bench to know the status of cases being heard at court halls. 35 court hall display and 6 composite display are installed at Principal bench.
  • Certified copies of Final orders, Bails/Anticipatory Bails and interim application orders are entered and issued through the system. The computerized system has reduced the time delay in issuance of copies to the litigants. The Interim application orders are issued through the system since 26th Feb 2001.
  • Systems for posting Case Status have been developed. The case details have been hosted on Internet.
  • Interactive Voice Response System is installed at Madras High Court to know the Case Status through telephone.
  • Touch Screen Kiosk is installed at Madras High Court for public dissemination.
  • Daily Cause Lists are being prepared using the system. Systems are installed at Filing Counter, Posting sections for preparation of cause list.
  • Daily Cause Lists are being hosted on Internet. Number of hits per day is more than 7000 on working days. As per the statistics available, Madras HC is receiving maximum number of hits.
  • Reported Judgments are being hosted on Internet. More than 1500 users visit the Madras HC Judgment site every day.
  • Statistical reports relating to disposed cases statements are prepared regularly.
  • Information Centre functions at Madras High Court for the benefit of Litigant public to know the status of cases filed at Madras HC. Around 700 case enquiries are received at the enquiry counter every day.
  • New Codification system is introduced at Madras HC in which the advocates are required to fill up the coding sheet for easy classification of cases. The system is implemented from 12-06-2006.
  • English Record department updates the inward/outward movement of disposed cases.
  • Payroll system is in regular use.
  • Madras High Court Bench at Madurai has more than 130 systems with Local Area Network connecting all the systems. All the application systems in use at Chennai are implemented at Madurai.
  • Web site of Madras High Court launched by Justice K.G. Balakrishnan Judge, Supreme Court on 23.04.2006. The web site address is http://www.hcmadras.tn.nic.in
  • Maintenance of more than 15 lakh case details on the systems, including the particulars on disposed cases.