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PATRAM : Postal Accounts Transaction Maintenance Software

The PATRAM (Postal Accounts Transaction Maintenance) Software has been designed to maintain all accounting details currently being maintained in various registers. It emulates the auditing functions carried out by the Cash Certificates Section. The PATRAM software consists of 18 modules. This system was developed taking Tamil Nadu Postal Circle as the pilot site with a plan to replicate the software at other sites in the country subsequently. The system is running successfully at the pilot site.

The PATRAM software consists of the following major modules:

  • Supply
  • Issue
  • Discharge
  • ATD-in - Foreign Circle transfers
  • Clearance of Unposted items
  • Clearance of Objections
  • Reconciliation with Detailed Book
  • Clearance of Outstanding items
  • Forms and Broadsheets
  • Non-Cash Transactions
  • Unclaimed Deposits
  • Unsold Stock
  • Undeliverable CCs
  • Sent-out CCs
  • Monthly HO Returns
  • Supervisory
  • Backlog
  • Utilities

PATRAM Backlog module was developed to carry over all current accounting details being maintained in various registers, mainly the S&I register, which would be the base data for PATRAM Software. This include data such as - Details of all CCs issued but not discharged, Unposted / Objection / Outstanding items not cleared, various Opening Balances etc. at the time of software installation. PATRAM Supervisory Module handles creation of directory tables and maintenance of basic system administration functions.