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Information System on Prisoners

The prison software namely ‘Information System on Prisoners’ (ISP) was designed and developed for the Prison Department, Tamil Nadu. It covers the core functions of a prison performed by the Remission Section of the prison. It is useful for both performing the day-to-day routine jobs as well as for providing appropriate information for the administration at different levels including District Collector, District Police Office, Courts, the Prison Headquarters, etc. It is implemented in 9 Central Prisons and 3 Special Prison for Women in Tamil Nadu.

Core Functions:

The core functions of a prison covered by the ISP are the following:

  • Admission of Prisoners
  • Production of Remand / UnderTrial Prisoners in Courts for hearing
  • Maintenance of History Ticket for Convict Prisoners
  • Remission & Release Date Calculation for Convict Prisoners
  • Detention of Detenue / Civil Prisoners
  • Disposal of Prisoners and
  • Lockup Calculation.

The data requirements for carrying out the different functions of a prison are captured at different stages and include the following:

• Prisoners’ Personal and Warrant Details on Admission. Personal Details include details like name, address, date of admission etc. and Warrant details include the court and the crime details like police station, crime no., laws and sections, sentence for convict prisoners, etc.

•Hearing/Trial Details of Remand / Under Trials for Court Production (In Person / Over VC/ Prisoners Court within the Prison) include details like hearing date, escort/production date, reason for non-production, return date, etc.

• History Ticket Details of Convict Prisoners. It includes Work Details, Remission Details, Punishment Details, etc.

Work Details describes what type of work a convict prisoner has done during the imprisonment period. The type of work includes Industry/Office, Convict Warders, Overseers, Night Watchman, Nursing Orderlies, General Service, Out Gang, etc.