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Sim Card Management System : For BSNL Chennai

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd launched Mobile Cellular Services in Chennai in the year 2003. Pre-paid and post-paid cell phone connections are sold to customers through a network of Customer Service Centres (CSC), distributors and dealers spread over Chennai.SIM card distribution to the various agencies, and Mobile Number allotments are centrally monitored by the Headquarters of BSNL Mobile Services, at the RK Nagar telephone Exchange of Chennai Telephones. The Accounts Officer at the headquarters issues SIM cards and recharge cards to the various CSCs as and when required. Other than CSCs, post-paid cards are also sold through approved dealers. Pre-paid SIM cards and recharge cards are purchased by distributors who in turn sell them to customers. The Accounts Officer keeps track of cards issued/ sold to CSCs/Dealers/Distributors, and of all related accounts.At the Customer Support Centre, a customer is allowed to choose a GSM number of his/her liking, for the mobile phone, from an available list of numbers. A GSM number may be blocked, for later purchase, for a period of 48 hours on request by a customer, and released if payment for the connection is not made within the period. Fancy (or vanity) numbers are sold for a special fee. In case of loss of mobile phone, or damage of SIM card, a new SIM card with same mobile number may be obtained after payment of replacement charges.
SIM Card Management System:

The SIM Card Management System is an intranet application designed - to handle sale transactions at Customer Support Centres; to carry out all activities related to SIM card/ GSM number distribution/ allotment by the headquarters; and to maintain accounts; through a centralised database. The SIM Card Management system uses intranet technology to give a cost-effective solution that delivers powerful and robust results. By connecting Customer Support Centres, dealers, and distributors with the Mobile Services headquarters, through a centralised server, information is managed effectively and efficiently. Up-to-date and reliable information on stock of SIM cards and recharge cards and the revenue earned through their sale is available at any
given time.