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SSI Online Registration

SSI ( Small Scale Industries ) Online facility helps the Applicant to register their SSI Unit for Provisional Certificate through the Recognized Browsing Centres/Industrial Associations anywhere within the State without approaching the District Industries Centres/Regional Joint Director, Chennai.

Immediately after the registration, the Provisional SSI Registration Certificate can be obtained without any difficulty and delay.

This facility is introduced by the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Tamil Nadu with the good intention that entrepreneurs shall furnish the correct and true details in the online application form to get online SSI Provisional Registration Certificate

The Home page lists the District wise Recognized Browsing Centre List.

The Applicant can file the application from any convenient Recognized Browsing Centre.

The Browsing Centres are given individual userid and password. Only with this login, they can enter new application details and generate the certificate. Browsing Centres have been identified and selected by DICs in each district. More than 140 Browsing Centres have been identified in this regard.

Browsing Centre can change their password whenever required. Detailed information is given in the website about the eligible line of activities for online registration under each category. List of ineligible line of activities are also given in the site.

Public can send their suggestions using Feedback option.

The System has in-built checks for ensuring correctness of many of the entered details.

The entire possible Category, Nature of activity, Line of activities is listed. The applicant has to pick up from the list.

They need not have to refer the code book any more to fill up the application.

Once the form is submitted, the applicant will get a registration number assigned along with a Document Key number. The certificate can be printed and one copy is to be sent back to the District Industries Centre with the Signature of the applicant and the Browsing Centre official. The Signature of the browsing centre official is to ensure that some fields such as name of the applicant, name of the unit and address are entered properly.