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E - Karuvoolam : Automated Treasury Bill Passing System

Treasury Workflow based System

Automated Treasury Bill Passing System (e-Karuvoolam) is aimed at automating the existing manual billing system of Treasury Department

The Workflow based Systems developed for the Treasury Department, enables capturing of  data at the counters in the bill submission stage itself. The software has been successfully implemented in 32 district and 9 PAO's.

Treasury is the “Bank of Government”, functioning with the objective of maintaining all transactions to the government and sending reports to the Accountant General. Any transaction related to government is performed in the form of a bill. Initially a bill is submitted to the counter of a Sub Treasury / District Treasury / Pay and Accounts Office through a messenger. The bill goes through a phase of approval. This phase is called auditing the bill. Auditing clerk can reject the bill or can approve the bill. If the bill is approved, it is sent to the cheque release counter. The clerks at cheque release counter handover the cheque to the messenger if Treasury type is banking. If the Treasury is non-banking type, cash is given to the messenger.

The application software developed by NIC provides online environment with systems available on all working tables starting from the bill submission counter. The officials can process the bills online and take action for passing / rejecting the claim. Once the bill is passed the payment is done thru Electronic Clearance System.

Product Functions

  • Bill details capturing at various levels
  • Bill Auditing
  • Monitoring the bill processing functions
  • Bill Payments by ECS or Cheque
  • Generating daily transaction reports  

Main Features of the system

  • Bills can be cleared on the day of submission
  • Bills can be accepted at any counter
  • Data capturing starts at counter itself
  • At auditor level – I all data capturing is completed
  • Three level of auditing enabled
  • If the bill is a perfect one, ECS Settlement or cheque can be given on the same day
  • If any defect in the bill, the bill will be returned with proper objection slip